Brian Moelich


About Me


Brian is the founder of Arrisio, an innovation company that builds the capabilities and infrastructure that drive innovation programs to uncover creative ideas, explore ventures and build new businesses.

The majority of his career has been in Silicon Valley, initially as an internal business design consultant with Citrix Systems, where he and team built and managed an internal incubator for new ventures, as well as building and leading a program to take ventures that received backing through the rigors of development to launch. At the same time, he worked with the Citrix Startup Accelerator to build and run an open innovation program that paired external startups with internal teams. Eventually, Brian made the jump to Cisco to lead implementation of outcomes resulting from the Cisco Hyper Innovation Living Lab (CHILL for short), which is a program that pairs Cisco’s biggest partners to collaboratively tackle innovation challenges.

Brian is a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail’s (Canada’s most widely read national newspaper) Leadership lab column, speaker on the challenges of corporate innovation and can either be found hiking the wilderness or knee deep in Lego.